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guangdong rank top 1 in china on pct filing

the guangdong provincial market supervision administration (intellectual property office) held a video conference on the promotion of intellectual property work across the province in the second half of 2020. it was learned from the meeting that from january to june this year, guangdong province continued to lead the country in various important intellectual property indicators. the province’s patent applications amounted to 413,800, granted 328,800, invention patent applications were 10,400, and authorized 29,600, pct patent applications were 11,000, trademark applications were 813,700, and trademark 488,600 registrations. the granted patents and trademark pledges was 13.255 billion yuan, ranking top first in china. 

"in the face of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, relevant departments in our province actively play the role of intellectual property rights, strongly support epidemic prevention and control, and resumption of work and production, and promote high-quality economic development by strengthening the protection and transformation of intellectual property rights." according to the provincial market supervision bureau according to the person in charge, during the epidemic period, the bureau opened up a green channel for pre-examination of epidemic-related patents and a fast review channel for registration of patent and trademark pledges for scientific and technological enterprises that develop and produce anti-epidemic products. the pledge registration procedures can be completed within one working day, and accumulated 178 patents related to the epidemic. 

at the same time, in order to alleviate the financial pressure of enterprises, it launched intellectual property securitization projects and "intellectual property quick loans" financial services, financing 1 billion yuan for 145 companies. innovative trademark exclusive right pledge registration service, helping enterprises pledge financing of 750 million yuan. from january to june, the registered amount of patent pledge financing in the province was 11.98 billion yuan, benefiting 606 enterprises.

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