our firm ranked as provincial contract-必威app精装版苹果

our firm ranked as provincial contract-abiding and credit-honoring firm aaagain!

in order to promote the construction of a social credit system, advocate honest and trustworthy social customs, and encourage enterprises to strengthen contract and credit management, from january 1, 2020, according to the "provincial administration for industry and commerce of guangdong province according to the “notice of the “rules of observing contracts and credit” of enterprise publicity activities” (guangdong industry and commerce shizi [2016] no. 134), the administration bureau of guangdong province conducts a formal review of the materials submitted by enterprises; "guangdong" website and "national enterprise credit information publicity system (guangdong)" website to query the credit information and illegal information of the applicant company; third, to strengthen the linkage of the department and consult the customs, taxation, banking and other administrative authorities on the credit of the declared enterprise the opinions of the above-mentioned administrative departments shall be used as an important basis for the evaluation of the enterprise of “observing contracts and keeping promises”.

after audit our firm meets the requirement, and was once again rated as guangdong contract-abiding and credit-honoring firm.

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