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myanmar: "soft-opening" to accompany enforcement of trademark law
the government of myanmar is making preparations to begin using new trademark system that operates under the trademark law which was established at the end of march 2019. the forthcoming stipulations for trademark registration in myanmar are outlined below.
there are many trademarks registered under the current system, but the myanmar patent office will allow users to re-apply for registered trademarks during a six-month "soft-opening" period that is due to commence from january 2020. existing trademark rights will lapse if they are not registered again under the new system.
during the "soft-opening" period, only applications for trademarks that have already been registered under thecurrent system will be accepted. therefore, applications for trademarks that have not been registered under the previous system will only be accepted from the second half of 2020. if a user wishes to file an application without waiting until then, their trademark must first be registered under the current system before the end of 2019. they must then re-apply when the "soft-opening" period begins.

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