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numbers of standard essential patents for next-generation communications standard 5g
on september 20, 2019, chinese minister of industry and information technology miao wei announced that china has the highest number of standard essential patents (seps) related to next-generation communications (5g) in the world. europe and the united states have the most seps for the current generation (4g), but when it comes to 5g, it can be seen that chinese companies such as huawei and crrc have acquired large numbers of seps.

in addition to "person-to-person" communications, 5g technology aims to enable "person-to-machine" and "machine-to-machine" communications. as china becomes the country with the most seps related to thistechnology, we can more easily envision the day when china holds supremacy over advanced technology. it is feared that the united states' wariness towards china will grow further and the current rivalry between the two nations will become even fiercer.
china's digital industry at the end of 2018 was worth 31 trillion yuan, and is thought to account for one-third of gdp. because of this, it seems unlikely that china will surrender its high-tech hegemony to the united states easily. it is possible that market predictions are correct and that the road to reconciliation between the us and china will be long.

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