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china, laos sign mou on intellectual property cooperation

the state intellectual property office of china (sipo) and lao ministry of science and technology signed a memorandum of understanding (mou) on intellectual property cooperation here on monday.

sipo commissioner shen changyu and lao deputy minister of science and technology houmphan inthirath signed the agreement respectively.

the mou is to enhance cooperation in intellectual property, to facilitate the joint innovation and creativity projects, and to enrich the bilateral comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership.

according to the mou, the lao government will recognize the patent examination results made by related chinese authorities.

"this cooperation will help the lao government protect intellectual property," lao minister of science and technology boviengkham vongdara said at the signing ceremony.

houmphan said after signing the document that the mou reflects that both sides attach great importance to ip cooperation, and are willing to enhance bilateral exchanges and communications in the ip sector. he hopes the chinese side could help the lao ip authority's capacity building and personnel training.

"we have discussed on international cooperation, funding human resource development and intellectual property management," shen said, "i believe that through the cooperation, both sides will make it a success and facilitate the joint projects in the near future."

shen believes that after the china-laos ip cooperation being officially established, both sides will further enhance bilateral exchange and mutual trust, jointly promote ip causes, and contribute to science and technology innovation.

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