our company successfully held china-必威app精装版苹果

our company successfully held china-south korea patent applications exchange meeting

china and south korea patent applications exchange meeting

sponsored by foshan huigang intellectual property agency co., ltd., foshan patent attorneys association and foshan intellectual property rights assistance center, the china-rok patent application exchange conference was held on the morning of february 25, 2016 at the 2nd floor of holiday inn foshan silverhouse meeting room. kim han-han, the partner of the franchisee of you me patent & law firm in south korea, was invited to conduct friendly exchanges with representatives of some local enterprises in foshan and representatives of ip offices on exchanges of applications such as korean patent applications.

kim jong-han, the franchise partner of south korea's you me patent & law firm firm, introduced the korean patent filing system, patent application trends, patent information retrieval and so on. after that, he talked about the actual korean knowledge encountered by various business representatives property issues were answered and exchanged.

the holding of the exchange meeting not only promoted exchanges and cooperation in patent matters between china and south korea, but also enabled enterprises that have a demand for korean intellectual property business to have a better understanding of relevant consultations and effectively improve the efficiency and quality of patent applications in south korea. participating business representatives are very satisfied.

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