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china and brazil launch pilot pph
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after a fruitful sharing of comments on more profound bilateral cooperation, sipo commissioner shen changyu reached a memorandum of understanding (mou) and an agreement on a joint patent prosecution highway (pph) with his brazilian counterpart, luiz pimentel, president of the brazilian national institution of intellectual property (inpi) in beijing on november 13.

"the new mou captured the latest features and demands of ip cooperation between china and brazil. it will promote development of ip systems in the two countries, provide quality services to users from both countries, elevate ipr protection and public awareness, build up better ip environment," said shen. "pph pilot program meets our common interests of the parties, caters the needs for the healthy development in the economy and trade between china and brazil, and also promotes ip creation and ipr protection of the two countries. we will further strengthen cooperation, discuss the path and direction, promote deeper development and make contributions to economic and social development of two countries," added shen.

pimentel recognized china's developments in the ip field. "china is the biggest trade partner and export destination country for brazil, ip cooperation between china and brazil will have an important impact on the economic and social development of two countries. the parties have seen more profound cooperation and fruitful achievements in recent years. wehope that the signing of the new mou and pph agreement will be a model of ip cooperation between brics countries, and will provide efficient and convenient service for ip users." 

sipo and inpi will launch pph pilot program on february 1, 2018, facilitating the applicants from the two countries to have their patent applications examined in an expedited manner in the other office.

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